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Are you pregnant? Your Tummy is growing from week to week and you can not fit in your current clothes? A woman always wants to look beautiful, even, or perhaps especially, when there is a blessed state. My Tummy brand maternity clothes was just created for future moms, because we are thinking about you and now we are opening in Sweden :)
We are glad that you have visited our shop and we hope you will find something interesting for yourself. The richness of our proposals will make you feel better instantly. We offer the highest quality maternity tops, maternity shirts, maternity t-shirts, maternity dresses, maternity pants, breastfeeding blouses, nursing shirts and nursing tops with built in bra. Pregnancy in spite of all the disadvantages is beautiful, and although it can give you some difficult moments, you have to enjoy it every day. Your state is beautiful; you are beautiful as you are. Show it all by selecting any of our funny pregnancy shirts. You'll see how quickly you come back to a good mood. Your body changes from day to day, and to bring out its beauty and attractiveness you need to have appropriate maternity clothes in your wardrobe. Our maternity clothes grow along with your tummy due to our flexible textiles. In our maternity dresses you will feel comfortable, yet feminine and sexy at every stage of your pregnancy miracle.
Our breastfeeding tops are very practical and functional what makes breastfeeding comfortable. Breastfeeding is important at the beginning of every baby's life, so our nursing shirts help you to breastfeed them :)
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of maternity clothes and breastfeeding shirts for nursing moms. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised and come back to us again. Enjoy your shopping!

Wholesalers and Stores
My tummy is a manufacturer of maternity clothes and breastfeeding clothes and delivers its products to Sweden market.

My Tummy brand guarantees quality and original design, what makes  that our maternity clothes is second to none. To meet the expectations of our clients with respect to maternity clothes and breastfeeding clothes we focused on functionality and the latest trends in maternity fashion.
Maternity clothes manufactured by My Tummy are of excellent quality. We strive to make our maternity clothes stand out in quality.  Our production is located in Europe

We cooperate with maternity clothes shops and wholesalers in Europe and and outside Europe. We invite you to cooperate with us in Sweden.  We provide marketing support and production under specific orders. We are looking for new partners, stores, and wholesalers which offer products such as maternity clothes and breastfeeding wear for pregnant and nursing women.

Maternity clothing fashion is beautiful. This is evidenced by a number of proposals that we have for you.  Our latest maternity fashion trends of pregnancy clothes will make you feel exceptionally at every stage of your pregnancy and when breastfeeding. The impossible became possible, so enjoy our proposals in our offer of maternity clothes.

Do you want to be attractive and feel comfortable? Take a look at our fabulous maternity dresses that emphasize your femininity undeniably. One maternity dress can be worn in many ways; it's as if you had a few maternity dresses. Do you like to walk in pants? You do not have to give it up. Maternity pants are for you. You will always feel comfortable in them. We guarantee this. You do not have to worry about that in a month or two maternity pants no longer fit. Maternity clothes that we offer will adjust to your growing tummy. They are perfect for each trimester of pregnancy. Their design was thought through from beginning to end, so as to meet your expectations.  Maternity clothes fashion produced by us is comfortable, flexible, beautiful, gives fantastic comfort, and as a result - the satisfaction of the future mom. Check out our range of maternity topsmaternity t-shirts, practical and funny pregnancy t-shirts. Do you think that those imprints with not induce a smile?  We guarantee that no one will pass you by indifferently ;)

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